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I am passionate about computer science. I study a lot and especially the new technologies. I have worked in several areas (Banks and Financial) for IBM 15 years, and now with Java. Petroleo 7 years hydrocarbon data bank of Argentina (Remasa). I have created my own framework since 2000 with java 1.3 which has been used in several companies where I have worked (Banco Santander - Remasa - Telefonica - Technisys). I like training in Java and I have taught since the beginning of the same year in the best institutions in Argentina, and in companies directly CDA - Technisys (specialists in banks).
Now I have obtained my Spanish citizenship for my father and grandparents, and I have decided to settle in Spain and continue to develop my tasks there since for me it is more than a job.

Actually working at ITR Resource – as Java Instructor and Remote Developer for Santander Bank Visa Requalification system.

Last work at Mototech.us

I’m working with the development and maintains of one of his clients - CRM.



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